Chaty Pod Knížecí Beskydy

Rental conditions

I. Booking a stay
You can book a chalet by phone, by letter or by e-mail, at least three business days before the commencement of your intended stay. The ordering party must place the order within this deadline. The minimum duration of stay is 3 days. The ordering party shall study the Rental Conditions and shall be deemed to agree with them upon placing the order, including in the name of any company travelling with them.

II. Payment terms: The ordering party shall receive an “Order confirmation – request for payment" by return mail (within three business days) after order placement. The contractual relationship between the landlord and the ordering party shall enter into force upon payment the advance of full rental amount. When ordering services within a deadline shorter than 50 days before arrival, the full rental amount is paid. If the deadline is over 50 days, the payment may be divided into two equal parts so that the first instalment can be made within one week from the order confirmation, with the balance payment made no later than 30 days before arrival. All payments shall be effected by wire transfer.

III. Order cancellation, cancellation fees:

a) The ordering party is entitled to cancel their order. This must be done by a verifiable method. The order shall be cancelled at the moment of the cancellation receipt by the landlord.
b) The ordering party may request the transfer of the rental to a third party, with a guarantee of fulfilment of all liabilities by this third party.
c) When an ordered accommodation is cancelled, the landlord is entitled to charge the following cancellation fees from the ordering party:
1) More than 31 days before arrival... 0% of the total price of the stay
2) between 30 and 11 days before arrival... 30% of the total price of the stay
3) between 10 and 4 days before arrival... 80% of the total price of the stay
4) 3 days before arrival or less... 100% of the total price of the stay
d) the clearance and refund of any paid amount less the cancellation fee shall be made by the landlord within 30 days from receipt of the cancellation notice. A change of dates is possible free of charge on the basis of an agreement with the landlord, subject to availability.

IV. Start and end of rental: The ordering party shall be liable to keep the agreed arrival date and time of arrival between 3 and 4 pm (unless otherwise agreed), and leave the chalet on the final day of the stay by 10:00 am (unless otherwise agreed). The landlord is entitled to refuse to accommodate persons other than those specified in the order confirmation. The maximum number of accommodated persons per chalet is 4. Potential visitors must be agreed with the landlord.

V. Security deposit: The landlord is entitled to request a security deposit from the ordering party in the amount of CZK 1,000 upon guest arrival to cover potential damage or theft of chalet equipment. The security deposit shall be returned to the guest on departure if no damage or theft of the chalet equipment is determined. In the case of damage to the landlord's property, the ordering party shall be liable to compensate the landlord for the damage in cash on the spot in such case that the value of the damage exceeds the security deposit.

VI. Liabilities of the ordering party: In the course of the rental period, the ordering party shall keep the chalet and its surroundings clean and tidy and observe noise restrictions after hours (between 10 pm and 7 am). Chalet guests shall remove their shoes and wear slippers in the chalet. Water is supplied from in-house resources, and the ordering party agrees to use it economically. On departure the ordering party shall ensure the chalet and terrace are clean and dirty bed linen has been removed. In the case of any defects found in the house, the landlord must be informed without delay to be able to arrange for repair.

Pets are not allowed in the chalet. The chalet is NON-SMOKING and fire are not permitted indoors. In case of a violation of these liabilities, the landlord may immediately terminate the rent without the client's right to compensation or refund.

VII. General provisions
Upon payment of the advance or full rental amount, the ordering party acknowledges these conditions and agrees to be bound by them.